Paying off $30,000 USD of Student Debt in 1 Day

Recently we paid off approximately $30,000 USD of student loan debt. We were fortunate to close out an investment that we had for a few years, and have set aside the necessary amount for tax time. It’s an amazing feeling to see the accounts zero’d out now.

Our remaining debt is as follows:

  • vehicle loan $16.5k @ 3.19% (positive $6.2k equity according to KBB)
  • student loan $1.5k @ 3.15%
  • student loan $3.3k @ 3.15%
  • vehicle loan $8.5k @ 0.90% (positive $3k equity according to KBB)

Our short term plan:

  • Leave debt alone, we anticipate getting higher % return than current rates owed in other investment vehicles
  • Maxout IRA contributions @ $5,500 USD each for 2017 year

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