Investing in websites: ongoing case study

Over the years we’ve bought and sold many websites. The websites have been affiliate based sites, e-commerce, and software based (plugins, etc). It’s been awhile since we were actively working on a website besides ReachingFi (which we use as a journal), and frankly … I’ve got the itch.

We have made good progress on our investing in the stock market and will continue to do so, however I am taking a couple thousands dollars and have decided to put it towards a website portfolio. Strategically speaking, this diversifies our portfolio a bit and adds what is hopefully incoming producing assets.

We don’t necessarily mind the active work involved as long as we have a path to outsource in a profitable way in the future. Stay tuned – our focus now is on building out a brand new website, and we plan to within the next 6 months purchase a website as well.

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