2023 Recap

It’s January 14 2023 and I am writing a delayed end of 2023 update on current financial journey.

This year we focused on automated investing and used a large chunk of cash for a exterior remodel to the house (~$36k remodel). Hopefully this + the new roof that we got this year are the last major home improvements we need to bank, and can use those funds differently this year.

As of 12/31/2023:

  • Networth was $478,654
    • $474,569 from savings + retirement + brokerage + credit cards + 529’s
    • $2850 crupto
    • $1235 Rally Road account value

Not factor into the above number is:

  • 2012 Honda Civic EXL paid off (approx $10k)
  • 2011 Searay 185 Sport + Trailer paid off (approx $20k)
  • Home equity
  • Startup options & RSU’s


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