2021 Recap

Another year in the books – it’s 12/27/2021 as I write this and we’re in the final week of the year. One of the things I enjoy doing is looking at the goals set for the year vs what actually happened in the year … I find it a humbling exercise.

Financial goals we accomplished this year:

  • Max my 401K
  • Max both traditional IRA’s
  • Contributed $20k+ to taxable brokerage
  • Contributed to 529’s
  • Refinanced home to 2.6 APR
  • Bought a boat for cash (investing in family memories)

We had set a goal to sell our current house and relocate, however we ultimately decided to keep our current home and refinance it. Our area is appreciating substantially, and the math made more sense to stay in our current house. We are exploring the idea of doing an add-on, but aren’t commited at this time.

This year saw accelerations in our investments, and it’s clear we are in the accumulation phase.


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